Chloe McNamara

Design Highlights

A dark science fiction browser game. Working with The Big Fix and the Pluriversity to showcase their plans for 2020.
The Big Fix's ( a charity located in the Blue Mountains) end of year concert poester, one of three. The Big Fix ran a Pluriversity Art forumn, this was one of two posters.
The begining of the Big Fix's Philosophy Forumn. A poster advertising The Big Fix's Summer Philosophy course.

Personal Design Projects

A map of the complex relationships between fictional planes of existance in a way that could be used in a very complicated board game.
A fictional City built into the bowl of a volcano A real challenge, depict correctly the relationships between over 20 fictional people in a way that looks good and makes sense.
A model of a fictional world.

Illustration Highlights

A tense reunion, Dimension 20 fanart. A photostudy of an old workshop, 30 minute piece. Portrait of a tattooed and pirced elf, for practice.
A travel poster for the imagined dream land from the Unsleeping City. A dead god of a made up world, the giver of mountains. A quick redraw of my first ever digital drawing, 6 years later.
Adventuers rest, an experiment in colour, pose and light. A hidden tavern in a shadowy ruin. A map of a made up place, a service I offer on Fiver. A little goblin kisses a ghostly angler fish.


About Me


I am a qualified Graphic and Web Designer based out of Sydney. I have over two year’s experience working as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, video editor, animator and illustrator.
Most recently I have worked with companies like Seven Creative, Illuminart and charities like The Big Fix on illustration and video editing projects.
I am hard working, fastidious, and aesthetically minded. I have enough discipline to work remotely while also having the communication and team building skills to work in a team.


tel: 0413356708

Primary Technical Skills

Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects, HTML, CSS, Content Management Systems.


  • Basic Web
  • Funtionality Development
  • Site Mockup
  • HTML and CSS coding
  • Hosting
  • $ 35

    an hour, base cost $300
  • Video Editing/ Graphic Design
  • Concept Development
  • Colour work and Typography
  • Iterative Drafting
  • Layout Lock Up and Product Delivery
  • $ 35

    per hour

Contact Me

Interested in working with me? Please get in touch!


Twitter: @chlomoe101

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